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Forging Ahead: Process-oriented Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons (2014-2016)

The overall objective of this project is to support the MRA (Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia) and other relevant ministries in implementing the "IDP IV" programme, which aims to provide durable housing solutions to IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons), raise them and their host communities out of extreme poverty and lessen their dependence on the state.

Duration of the project: 2014-2015.

Project partners: Human Dynamics (Consortium Leader) & DVV International.

The project will support the Government of Georgia to reach compliance criteria related to the "IDP IV" programme. It will In particular increase the capacity of the MRA and its Regional Offices to implement the IDP Action Plan, inform about and provide services at central, regional and local level and to coordinate processes related to durable housing and livelihood throughout the process from policy generation to their implementation. The project will assist the MRA in setting up the institutional frameworks to support the above­mentioned processes.

Expected results:

  1. Central and regional MRA implement the IDP Action Plan and produce evidence-based, high-quality analytical and progress reports;
  2. Communication between MRA central and regional offices and between MRA and IDPs is based on a comprehensive Communication Strategy and Action Plan. The latter is implemented accordingly;
  3. DHS are allocated and privatized to IDP beneficiaries in a transparent and accountable manner, according to pre-established criteria and international standards. Selection of beneficiaries takes into account the vulnerability of IDPs;
  4. A cross-sectoral Livelihood Strategy and Action Plan is drafted, updated (if necessary) and implemented;
  5. Casted options for a change from status to needs-based assistance and for streamlining IDPs into general government policies are elaborated;
  6. An Analysis Unit under MRA (or under the potential Livelihood LEPL) is financed and trained under this service contract. It is fully operational and provides assessments, monitoring, analysis of data and internal processes, progress reports and strategy support to the MRA;
  7. Assessments on socio-economic integration and livelihood needs of IDPs, as well as regional employment opportunities for IDPs, are completed and updated;
  8. In case the MRA decides to go ahead with building up the Livelihood LEPL, the new structure is equipped, professionally staffed, capable of monitoring, assessing and coordinating livelihood related activities and able to potentially provide institutional livelihood support to IDPs and Host Communities;
  9. An independent assessment of the functioning of the complaints and redress mechanism for rehabilitations and constructions is carried out.