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Many projects organised by NGOs begin with good ideas and much enthusiasm and achieve successful results. Project definition and implementation, however, often lack professional scope and efficiency.

Pro NGO! has been working to overcome this since 1998.

Pro NGO! aims to improve the overall performance of NGO activities by combining their initiatives with the expertise of business professionals. The key to good project work is a multidisciplinary team consisting of experts from diverse fields.

With this approach Pro NGO! guarantees successful project implementation adding value to all involved.


You have a project in preparation...
...and need advice and support to realize it?
...and you are looking for reliable and experienced project partners?

In both cases our experts offer support for you in all stages of complex project cycles, starting with designing and drafting of competitive applications, ending with communicating results to clients and to the public.

Engage our experts for selected stages of your project (e.g. hire individual experts for a specific job), or make use of our full range of services, everything is possible....

Please contact us and we will help you to make your idea come true!

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