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The overall objective of this project was to enhance compliance with abidance by and respect for fundamental rights and freedoms in Turkmenistan. The project addressed the problem of grave deficits with regard to the limited knowledge and lack of understanding of the rights to fundamental freedoms and the role and functions of an active civil society.

Over 2.000 Non-State-Actors have largely benefitted from the implementation of the project in particular in rural areas as well as in the capital Ashgabat. Within over 50 seminars delivered, and over 30 consultations and lectures held in the Project Resource Center established in Ashgabat, they gained a better understanding of powerful and successful civil society work. Next to practical management skills, a broad coverage of political, civil, economic and cultural issues addressed the needs of NGOs.

In cooperation with Turkmen project partners, extensive information and training materials in local language were prepared for the action. The layouts were kept on an easily reproducible level, so that all materials can be further used after the completion of the project.

Over 500 Public Servants participated in 6 compact courses (3-4 day courses) at the Public Administration Academy under the President. They were very interested in open-minded and critical discussions on international subject matters including political, social, economic as well as technological issues. They engaged in an open dialogue and discussions about possible developments and the future of Central Asia and Turkmenistan.

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